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Exascale to the rescue?

Aurora - America's First Exascale Supercomputer

It's they say...exascale is on its way (hey that rhythms!). The DOE wants you! On one of my favourite websites, the new DOE initiative soliciting proposals to gain early access to future exascale supercomputers is a lead story. Groups are already preparing and lining up for this. In the CFDLAB@Technion we have a tremendous need for access to these large machines as our codes scale very nicely. We will be keeping an eye out and looking for collaborators to pursue these new exascale opportunities. Finally, a new book came out a month or so ago that I highly recommend (I have yet to read it yet though) on the subject of supercomputing. I had the author's original Beowolf book 20 something years ago when we built our own first Beowulf cluster in a side-room off of the rocket lab at Purdue. Speaking of Purdue, I met with some Purdue visitors to Technion yesterday regarding cyber-tech research collaborations. It was great to be around a bunch of Hoosiers again. I am actually heading back to Purdue next week for meetings related to a joint research project that will take me all the way back to my roots in hypersonic aerodynamics. Very exciting!

One more thing...since this is the CFDIMPACT blog I would be remiss to not mention that the save-the-date email will be going out shortly. For my blog readers, you already know the date - July 4, 2018. I am still working on locking in our keynote speaker and also seeking sponsors (if or your organization would like to sponsor please be in touch). While it is preliminary, I would like to try and arrange a repeat of last years hands-on-tutorial but this year focus on high-performance computing (CPU/GPU)...stay tuned!

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