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CFD IMPACT Conference 2015

The1st CFD IMPACT Conference took place on June 30, 2015, between 9:00-18:00, at the D. Dan and Betty Kahn Faculty of Mechanical Engineeing Building, Technion, Haifa.


The keynote speaker was Dr. Peter E. Vincent from Imperial Collage London, UK, who gave a talk about "Next Generation Computational Fluid Dynamics: High-Order Methods and Many-Core Hardware." 


Conference Chair:

Prof. Steven (Chaim) Frankel, ME Technion


Conference topics included:

High-fidelity numerical methods in CFD

High-performance computing in CFD

High Reynolds number turbulence in CFD

High-complexity in CFD

Dr. Peter Vincent
Department of Aeronautics
Imperial Collage London, UK

"Next-Generation Computational Fluid Dynamics: High-Order Methods and Many-Core Hardware"

High-order numerical methods for unstructured grids combine the superior accuracy of high-order spectral or finite difference methods with the geometrical flexibility of low-order finite volume or finite element schemes. The Flux Reconstruction (FR) approach [1] unifies various high-order schemes for unstructured grids within a single framework. Additionally, the FR approach exhibits a significant degree of element locality, and is thus able to run efficiently on modern many-core hardware platforms, such as Graphical Processing Units (GPUs).        

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